CRaVE Restaurant

CRaVE Restaurant is a modern-styled American cuisine restaurant, locally owned and operated.  Since opening in 2007 CRaVE has built its outstanding reputation on using only the highest quality ingredients to produce some of the best comfort food, as well as, taming some of the more internationally known dishes with its own distinctive, home-grown flavor.  Everything at CRaVE is made in-house and made to order, from the gravy for the mouthwatering Meatloaf, to the tomato basil sauce finishing the Vegetable Wellington.  It’s a process that has awarded them the Gulf Coast’s Best Restaurant by Metromix the last two years.  Serving breakfast till four, lunch, and dinner, CRaVE’S menu is as varied as it is delicious.  CRaVE Restaurant also features daily Chalkboard Specials taking fresh, locally sourced, and often unique ingredients and making extraordinary dishes.  Designed to please the person who simply cannot live without blueberry pancakes, to the culinary club dinner-out foodies who want something unique and delicious, one thing is certain: that when you’re done eating here, you’ll soon be CRaVING for more!


  1. Hi,
    Hear great things about your restaurant. We’ll be having dinner there for my birthday on the 13th. Curious…do you have a full bar and do you take reservations?


    • Hi Wendy,

      So glad you will be joining us for dinner on your Birthday! Dinner is delicious, we have so many things on our menu and then everyday in addition we have our Chalkboard where we write our daily specials, Chef brings in fresh steaks and seafood and all kinds of special ingredients. Your in for a treat! We are a very small restaurant, only 13 tables…so we only have beer and wine and we do not take reservations. If you have 6 people or more in your party please give us a call, so we can be prepared and we will try our best to have a table ready for you. Thank you, we will see you soon!

  2. Are you going to have a clambake/lobsterbake this summer?

    • Hi Betsy, a few weeks ago we brought in Maine Lobsters. Sorry you must have missed them! We may do it again…LIKE our Facebook page so you can stay updated on our Specials and Promotions.

  3. Hi Sean , Hoping to feature you in our In The Kitchen series in The News-Press. Please email or call me at 335-0273. Thanks!

    • Thanks Annabelle, appreciate you thinking of me!