Wicked Sandwich Company

The Wicked Sandwich Company is the next step in the evolutionary process inspired by CRaVE Restaurant and CRaVE MARKET.  At the newly formed Wicked Sandwich Company the vision to use CRaVE MARKET’S own line of deli meats, everything from slow roasted beef to smoked hams to oven roasted turkeys, even CRaVE MARKET’S own house-made sausages is come to fruition.  Sandwich making is an art form, and the sandwiches at CRaVE Restaurant are legendary.  Yet the Wicked Sandwich Company takes these sandwiches to a whole other level.  In New England they call them Subs and Grinders.  Some places they call them Hoagies, other’s Po’ Boys.  Wherever you’ve been and whatever you’ve called them before, after tasting what the Wicked Sandwich Company is serving up, you’ll call them amazing.  That’s because when you do it yourself from scratch, you do it right.  When you make a sandwich from fresh, house-made ingredients, what you get is great tasting, mouth-watering, and so delicious.  They are simply… Wicked Awesome Sandwiches!